October 28, 2015

Why Living in Magnolia is Fantastic!

Magnolia or Madrona Trees?

When my wife and I moved to Seattle, we had a two day visit to determine where we were going to live. Before this visit, we naturally performed all of our due diligence online. Since we wanted to live close to her work downtown, we researched all the usual suspects, Queen Anne, Belltown, Fremont, Capitol Hill, West Seattle and Magnolia, among others. I definitely wasn’t feeling the fast pace of Capitol Hill and Fremont was to cool for a dork like me. Belltown was a little too urban and I don’t think I could have taken driving the narrow streets of Queen Anne everyday. West Seattle was calling my name, but then there was the commute (how could it take less time to swim to downtown from Alki than it would be for me to drive in rush hour?!). Then we visited Magnolia. The neighborhood and village made me feel like I was visiting a quaint community out in the country, except I could see the tops of downtown every other block. People were friendly and welcoming, but with the air of cutting edge city folk. We immediately felt at home and haven’t left since.

Is it Affordable?

I could continue to go on about the easy commute to downtown, public events and festivals, farmer’s market and of course, Discovery Park; however, I was curious as to how this translated to the housing market in this neighborhood. It seems that when I talk to people outside of Magnolia, they don’t know much about it and some think it’s not affordable. According to Zillow on September 30th ( http://www.zillow.com/seattle-wa/home-values/ ), the median price of single-family homes sold in Seattle rose last month to $515,300. The NWMLS graph below shows that Magnolia is higher, but still within the grasp of the Seattle average.


With this in mind, my opinion of this incredible neighborhood is that it is diverse, humble and offers many types of homes and value. To live in this neighborhood doesn’t mean you have to have a 3-4,000 square foot home, but those living in the community would sure appreciate it if you took pride in what you have and the surrounding community. Next time you’re in Discovery Park or having a bite in the Village, drive through Magnolia and see what it has to offer. Better yet, give me a call. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee and we can check it out together!


markmauzey.com Magnolia Graph